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The LPDDR5X DRAM memory Currently, it is part of...

The company plans to sell what it collects from space to Earth, to launch its first ‘space mine’ this year

The year 2023 seems to be a year in which revolutionary developments will take place in space studies. As a private company AstroForgewill go into space twice this year. On these trips fundamentals of space mining will be thrown. Let’s take a closer look together at the details of this interesting event.

AstroForge is a relatively new company and is interested in space mining. In the investment tour launched last year 13 million dollars The collection agency seems to have put this money to good use. Because the company’s latest statements are that AstroForge plans to mine in space this year. first concrete steps shows that he will.

An asteroid-like material will be mined during its first spaceflight in April!

space mining device

*Space refinery developed by AstroForge.

AstroForge’s remarkable project will be officially launched in April 2023. A rocket launched into space by SpaceX, developed by AstroForge space miner will also contain it. The first step into space determines how the miner decomposes an asteroid-like substance (regolith) in space. asteroid-like substance to send from the world let me specify.

During the second journey, data will be collected from a real asteroid surface!


AstroForge to identify the most suitable asteroids for mining NASA cooperated with. In the context of these studies, it is believed that an asteroid rich in metals has been found. Here, the company’s second space trip will pass precisely over this asteroid. Using high-resolution AstroForge images, the asteroid in question examine the surface fix itwill really understand if it is suitable for mining.

In the statements of the company’s CEO, Matt Gialich, they have to find a way to take the asteroids and process them in the space miner, and that’s all for the asteroid they target. what they believe they are doing gave up. Space travel is made, CEOs whether you are right will have revealed.

AstroForge’s plans are not just these two space trips


In the meantime; AstroForge has two more plans for the future. If the first two projects are successfully completed in 2023, this time to the third and fourth stages will be passed on. The company will try to land on an asteroid in the third phase. The fourth and final stage is collecting the asteroid. platinum It will be brought to Earth. If all this is true, within 10 years the company will have started space mining and will be able to collect the mines on Earth. start selling We will witness…

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