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The stunning story of the Turkish soldier whose face was torn apart in the Battle of Gallipoli and the German doctor who performed facial aesthetics on him

Lieutenant Mustafa İpar was hit in the face by a bullet fired from a British ship. one eye, all of his nose, his cheeks, all of his upper jaw, half of his tongue, all of his palate, and most of the underside of his chin.he had lost.

Despite this heavy damage, he held on to life and in 1918 taken to Germany It was given a new face by surgical procedures, which is a challenge even for current medicine. Here’s the striking story of the lieutenant and the doctor who presented him with his new face…

Mustafa Lieutenant could not speak at all, he was fed specially prepared liquid food and he did not want to go out in public because of his appearance.

Sensitive image

The lieutenant, who was operated on several times in Turkey, was able to save his life, but was devoid of aesthetic surgery. Because there was not enough expertise and equipment for this in Turkey. In fact, nowhere in the world except Germany was plastic surgery not sufficiently developed to correct Mustafa Lieutenant.

He was sent to Berlin on the evening of January 20, 1918 with the support of the German Red Cross. Known as the father of aesthetics, Prof. He would meet Jacques Joseph.

His book about Jacques Joseph and plastic surgery

He was taken to hospital by ambulance; washed by her sister, the parts of her face cleaned with saliva and dried food remains. In the morning, Dr. Joseph told the lieutenant that he was “safe, that it would give him a new face, but that such a difficult facial aesthetic never done beforeMustafa lieutenant couldn’t speak, so he looked at the doctor hopefully with his one remaining eye.

At 8:30 a.m. on January 23, 1918, he was taken to a surgical clinic under the supervision of Dr. Joseph and given a sedative.

Sensitive image

His entire body was covered with sterile towels. Skull skin extended downwards and scraps of skin from her calves were implanted in her face. Thanks to many small mother-of-pearl prostheses, cheekbones, chin and palate were made. Not only was the dental prosthesis successful, the lieutenant now also had a new face.

He waited four weeks for his second surgery. each take several hours. He has undergone many difficult operations. Gazi Mustafa İpar got a face that was perfect for that period, although not perfect for today, and returned to Turkey after a few months.

How did the Jewish-German doctor Jacques Joseph become such an expert in aesthetics and what happened after he operated on the lieutenant?

plastic surgery

He is considered the pioneer of rhinoplasty (nasal aesthetics), which is very common today. The doctor, known as “Buruncu Joseph”, thanks to his operations that could be considered a miracle at the time. the name that laid the foundation for aesthetic surgery had become.

One day, a mother’s request became the trigger for Joseph to lead the way.

Jacques Joseph and his team

Mother, her child with an oversized ear is at school because of psychological pressure He asked if an ear reduction was possible. Such an operation had never been performed anywhere. Doctors unhesitatingly saw this as “simple aesthetic care” and sent the woman and child home.

Two days later, Joseph reached the woman and discussed the matter with the woman in detail. understood that this was a human condition: The state of mental deterioration due to physical appearance and the inability to lead a normal human life … According to the doctor, this was a new case in medicine.

Jacques Joseph worked as an assistant physician in the hospital. without notifying the chief physician He took the boy to the operating room. He received much praise from the doctors when he compiled the files he kept during the operation and presented them to the attention of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians.

There are always serious obstacles in every success story. His chief physician scolded Joseph for doing this work in secret, and fired him.

Jacques Joseph and his team perform a rhinoplasty on a patient

His medical-academic career was suddenly interrupted. Doctor Joseph did not give up and opened a plastic surgery clinic with special permission from the Ministry of Health. He had to deal with hundreds of applications at once. His successful operations were heard all over Europe and America. It became news in the press and became widely known.

Meanwhile, World War I had broken out and thousands of young soldiers had returned to the country with mutilated faces and limbs. The consequences of the war created a new situation and field in the field of surgery: Aesthetic surgery.

Sensitive image

The German Emperor of the Period II. Wilhelm told Dr. Joseph that he would be made a professor as head of the new clinic they were opening, and that it was unimportant that he had not completed the professorship procedure, but that he had first He demanded that he be a Christian.

Jewish doctor refused and continued his studies in his private clinic. But eventually the state gave up; The Department of War and Health put Joseph in charge of the new clinic, even though he did not follow academic procedures. appointed professor. After the war, he honored him with a state medal for his actions.

Professor Joseph treated hundreds of war veterans, including Lieutenant Mustafa Ipar.

Sensitive image

New face, nose, ear, chin, eyes, etc. donated organs. In his book “Nose Aesthetics and Other Percent Aesthetics (Nasenplastik und Sonstige Gesichtsplastik)”, “due to depression He mentioned that he also worked on other limbs that make human life difficult, including reducing oversized breasts.

Thus, he became known as the number one in the field of plastic surgery and these innovations made by him spread all over the world.

nose job

prof. Joseph exacted a fortune from the wealthy he operated, but He did not take money from the poor. While he received 100 marks from the Western doctors who came to see his operation, he only received 10 marks from those who came from Eastern Europe. He built a luxurious life with the money he earned from wealthy patients.

Then things went bad. From the 1930s, fascism rose in Germany and gradually became effective both in society and in the state.

Germany 1933

Hitler came to power in 1933. He put pressure on Jewish scientistsJoseph was one of those affected by this situation. Many of the Doctor’s friends fled the country, but he chose to stay. Despite all the pressure, he continued his work. His assistant was imprisoned and threatened when a cop showed up. He died in 1934 due to a heart attack.

Four years later, the doctor’s wife and daughter managed to escape to America, a few weeks before “Kristalnacht”, when Jewish homes and businesses were destroyed.

jewish grave

Then your doctor His clinic, home and tomb were destroyed. The tombstone, made of a black granite stone, was found after much effort in 2004 and rewritten and polished and put in place.

While these took place in Germany in 1933; Atatürk had hundreds of Jewish scientists expelled from Germany brought to Turkey.

jews and ataturk

One of them is another German surgeon: Professor Rudolf Nissen. He is a professor who founded the Department of Surgery in Cerrahpaşa. Rudolph Nissen in his memoirs He wrote: In 1935 Atatürk came to visit his sister Makbule Atadan, whom I then treated. After hearing about the patient from me, he asked me what I thought of Hitler. When I started to say that he came to power through elections or something, he silenced me and continued as follows: Look, Professor, world history is full of megalomaniacs, like Hitler, who think he is the most powerful man and commander in all history. You will see, he will lead his country and the world to great disaster, and history will remember him as such. It is a great mistake to hand over the administration of the state to those who do not have the experience of a statesman.

There is such an impressive story at the beginning of plastic surgeries that you or a relative of yours has.

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Source: Web Tekno



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