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The Pentagon said that some UFOs really violate the laws of physics.

Observed objects lack certain properties that could explain the principles of their flight. Their behavior cannot be explained scientifically.

What the researchers say

The authors of the study looked at US Department of Defense documents not to look for traces of aliens from other planets, but to answer a more practical question: How can these unknown phenomena be explained in terms of modern physics?

The UFO’s rubbing against the surrounding air or water should produce a bright optical fireball, ionization envelopes, and tails that predict radio signatures.
– say the researchers, who noted that many cases do not have similar signatures.

At the same time, AARO director Sean Kirkpatrick and astrophysics professor Avi Loeb, who took part in the study, point out that there is no need to rush and argue that they are not necessarily aliens. These abnormalities can be explained by more mundane causes. For example, because our surveillance tools aren’t sensitive enough to understand what’s going on. Recording is usually done from a long distance and the ability to accurately determine speed is limited. In other words, Unknown phenomena may be nothing more than optical illusions.

Source: 24 Tv



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