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Google Drive will remove duplicate files in folders

OUR Google Drive has been optimized for a long time to provide a more complete experience for users personal accounts and for workspace administrators. Over the past few days, some people have received notifications that there will be changes to the service, as well as changes to the internal shortcut system. The main aspect of this update will be replace duplicate files with appropriate shortcutsto encourage the organization of virtual desktops and conserve available space.

Google Drive: How to Remove a User from a Shared Folder
To exclude a member from sharing, the folder owner can follow the procedure on a computer or smartphone.

More information about these shortcuts will be available in the “Details“. The initial migration will be performed automatically by the system, and the original storage location will be determined depending on the owner of the document. Changes are expected to take place in first half of 2022and some people got the following warning:

In the coming weeks, items in more than one folder will be replaced with labels. Access to folders and files will not change.

(loans: support.google.com)

Administrators Google Workspace will receive additional opportunities for organizing their cloud ecosystem. Among these features are the following:

  • Always create labels: anyone with access to the shared folder sees the shortcuts it contains.
  • Create labels only for yourdomain.com shared content and on trusted domains: só Users in your organization and in trusted domains see the shortcuts in the shared folder.
  • Only create labels for content published on yourdomain.com: only users in your organization see the shortcuts in the shared folder.
  • Do not create labels: do not create shortcuts for items in public folders with different access rights.

To learn more about the procedures described above, go directly to official site. Other Important Tips Shared Directly Googleon the topics explained can be found at these links: (one) and (two).

21.11.2021 at 10:00

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Continuation after commercial

Notifications will be sent to all users when the change date approaches. Like the updates or do you prefer the old way of Google Drive? Leave your opinion about this in our social networks!


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