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Former Facebook CEO Says Bitcoin Is The Future Of Payments

In an interview with The Verge, current Lightspark CEO David Markus made an interesting comment about the future of Bitcoin. For the businessman,...

Could Steve Jobs be the creator of Bitcoin? Apple found device gives clues

Everyone knows that the "father" of bitcoin was the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, but the facts indicate that this is actually a pseudonym used by...

Tesla: The company will lose $622 billion in market value in 2022

Only in 2022 TeslaElon Musk's successful company and benchmark when it comes to electric vehicles has been lost $622 billion in market value. ...

Expert says when Bitcoin will reach $100,000

Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Strategist Mike McGlone said that once the current hyperinflationary macroeconomic environment has passed, Bitcoin will trade at $100,000 by 2025. Speaking...

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