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New YouTube boss says TV, podcasts and artificial intelligence are priorities for 2023

New leader YouTube, Neil Mohanreleased its first letter to creators this Wednesday (1st), highlighting the company’s commitment to supporting the community and providing additional tools for monetization in 2023. Mohan also discussed other platform priorities for the coming year such as experiments with generative artificial intelligence and the launch of new formats such as short films and podcasts, among other initiatives.

24.02.2023 at 08:00

YouTube will have the function of duplicating videos in several languages

More than 3500 videos in 40 languages ​​with multilingualism are registered on the platform.

Last month, longtime YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki left her position to take on a consultant role at Alphabet, prompting the promotion of Neil Mohan, who now leads the video platform. The YouTube platform is facing competition across a range of categories, from short videos to streaming services, and now Mohan has been tasked with leading the company in this challenging environment.

In a letter sent to creators, the newly appointed YouTube chief cited Oxford Economics research that shows more than 2 million creators across the world were earning the equivalent of a full-time job in 2021. Over the past few months, the video platform has been experimenting with various methods to help creators make money, including shopping features and sharing advertising revenue on short films. The company also noted that individual channel subscriptions rose 20% year-on-year to six million.

In addition, the new YouTube chief mentioned the importance of multilingual features, including automatic dubbing and subtitles for clips in other languages, and said that the company intends to meet with more creators this year and offer them additional support.

We’re also listening to creators with extended support. Last year, we more than doubled the number of contributors and partners who can get real-time help via chat or email. More than half of these breeders are outside the US. We’ve also significantly increased the number of creators who have an Affiliate Manager who provides strategic advice for success on YouTube.“, He said.

Neil Mohan announced that the video streaming platform is experimenting with new features for formats such as connected TV, short films and podcasts. The company recently announced that YouTube Music will bring podcasts with features like background playback. YouTube is also integrating an RSS feed for podcasters so they don’t have to upload episodes to the platform separately.

Additionally, following the announcement of exclusive streaming rights to the NFL Sunday Ticket last December, YouTube plans to allow users to watch multiple matches at the same time through a feature that will be launched later this year.

short video market

Google is eyeing the short video market popularized by TikTok and Instagram and is investing in its Shorts platform to compete in the space. According to a letter from new YouTube head Neil Mohan, the platform has reached 50 billion daily views and the number of channels uploading short videos has increased by 80% year on year. This year, the platform will introduce a new side-by-side format that will allow creators to record shorts with other shorts or videos, encouraging them to create more reaction videos.

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AI capabilities for content creators

New YouTube chief Neil Mohan announced that the platform will incorporate new AI capabilities into its platform, aiming to offer new tools and resources for content creators. The move is part of a strategy by YouTube parent company Google to keep pace with advances in artificial intelligence from other companies in the industry, such as OpenAI Inc. and Microsoft Corporation.

The power of artificial intelligence is just beginning to show in ways that will reinvent video and make the seemingly impossible possible.“, – said Neil Mohan. According to him, content creators on the platform will soon have features that will allow, for example, to virtually dress up in videos or create “fantastic movie set“Will new features be available, according to Mohan??”In the coming months“.

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