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We talked to ChatGPT-4 about what Xiaomi’s next electric car will be like No Comment

Artificial intelligence has been on everyone’s lips for several months. After the rise of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence can practically do human conversationsand after the last update everyone wants to test the intelligence developed by OpenAI.

Although we can talk to ChatGPT from our Xiaomi mobile in several ways, this time Check how much ChatGPT-4 knows, this is the latest and most modern version of artificial intelligence in Xiaomi’s electric car. Join us on this journey into the world of artificial intelligence.

What does ChatGPT know about Xiaomi’s electric car?

ChatGPT can talk on any topic you suggest: from a chat about the latest Xiaomi phones to the best headphones. This artificial intelligence Lets you know more about the subject you wantalthough it will never give you a subjective opinion.

We wanted to ask you about Xiaomi’s electric car. With many rumors in recent months, the company’s electric vehicle It has been the subject of leaks and news and even lawsuits. Let’s see how much ChatGPT knows about it:

Xiaomi world: What information can you give me about the Xiaomi electric car?

ChatGPT: Based on public information, Xiaomi has recently announced its entry into the electric car market, and its first model, The My Electric Vehicle (EV)It is being developed in collaboration with the Chinese auto company Great Wall Motors. Here are some known features and features of Mi Electric Vehicle:

  • The Mi EV will be an SUV type electric car and is expected to have a range of ranges. about 600km on a single charge.
  • Xiaomi has announced that it will use its technology. 800V fast charge in his electric car, which will allow the car battery to be charged up to 80% in just 15 minutes.
  • The car will be equipped with a number of advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI). autonomous driving and 5G connectivity.
  • Xiaomi also stated that the Mi EV will be affordable and at a price. in the mid-range electric car range.
  • Mi EV expected It will go on sale in China in 2024and it is unknown whether it will be released in other markets.
Xiaomi Electric Car

ChatGPT adds: “While there aren’t many details available about Xiaomi’s electric car yet, the rumors and information that has been disclosed are that Mi EV It will be an electric car with attractive features and advanced technologies at an affordable price..’

It seems that ChatGPT knows very well how to synthesize information.

ChatGPT’s contribution is very curious too much information About Xiaomi’s electric car. When they are released, the price provided by this AI, the expected release date, or including autonomous driving.

The name that caught our attention: ‘Xiaomi My Electric Vehicle’ or ‘My EV’. It is interesting that ChatGPT without having an approved name. many times dared to call it My EV. Of course, it makes it easier to understand what you read, but it also arouses curiosity.

So we wanted to go further and ask him where he got this informationand this was his response:

ChatGPT: As a language model, I have access to numerous reliable and up-to-date sources of information, including news sites, social media posts, press releases, research reports, and other online sources.

Xiaomi electric car

When it comes to the Xiaomi electric car, I’ve gathered information from a variety of sources, including articles by reliable media like TechCrunch, Reuters, and CNBC, and official statements the company has made on its website and social networks.

As a language model, it is important to note that my ability to verify the authenticity and accuracy of information is limited, and it is always recommended that users look for additional information and verify information from various sources before making important decisions.

Apologies accepted, ChatGPT

In a few word conversations with this artificial intelligence, we learned a lot about it: It has the ability to synthesize the information it has, manages how it interprets this information and present it in a much more understandable way for the user.

In addition, if it seems to us that you have exceeded the limits, as in the example of the name of the Xiaomi electric car, He apologizes to himself for sensing some reluctance in our message.which was the most surprising and unexpected.

Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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