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Porsche plans to significantly increase electric car prices in 2023 (we couldn’t buy it anyway)

German manufacturer of luxury vehicles operating under Volkswagen Porscheis one of the most valuable car companies in the world. So much so that the auto giant recently released its financial report for 2022, showing that it has significantly increased its revenues.

Now it has been revealed that Porsche is preparing to make a move into electric cars this year. The giant company, which already has expensive cars, will launch its new electric vehicles in 2023. your price will increase further.

Prices will be increased to maintain high profits

According to information based on a recent meeting, company director Lutz Meschke told investors that they will raise prices. In his statement, Meschke said: “In new models in the middle of the year we will see significant price increases. This will greatly help us to generate strong operating profits.” used his words.

Porsche move maintain high profits He comes because he wants. The car giant, which is seriously spending money on the development of new electric vehicles, managed to increase its turnover by 13% and its operating profit by 27.4% in 2022. In other words, we can say that it is moving towards such a step to maintain this success. The company also expects its customers to accept this increase with understanding.

Price increase of electric cars Boxter, Cayenne and Macan Let’s add that it will reflect on new future cars, such as electric versions. The prices of these cars are based on the combustion engine version. 10% – 15% It is expected to be more expensive. The fact that new cars will have much improved features, such as longer range, shows that this difference is normal.

Porsche, like other car giants, is on a mission to transition to fully electric cars. The company wants 50% of sales to consist of electric and plug-in hybrids by 2025. in 2030 The aim is to increase this percentage to 80%. Let’s add that the company’s only electric car at the moment is the Taycan.

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