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I'm Sandra Torres, a passionate journalist and content creator. My specialty lies in covering the latest gadgets, trends and tech news for Div Bracket. With over 5 years of experience as a professional writer, I have built up an impressive portfolio of published works that showcase my expertise in this field.

Corvette, one of Chevrolet’s most iconic vehicles, will go electric

OUR Chevrolet announced this Monday (25) that it will launch a model electric corvette, soon. The company promised in a public disclosure via...

We already know what the key to a child’s readiness is: being the first child in the family.

Being the first born son means a lot. But first of all, you are your parents' experiment. We've heard it...

Xiaomi fryer? We tested Mi Smart which brings practicality and technology to your kitchen.

Air fryers, or air fryers, have been around for a long time, bringing more health and practicality to your kitchen. In 2021, Xiaomi...

A man married a hologram, but technological problems prevented the relationship

Relationship problems are common, but 38-year-old Japanese teacher Akihiko Kondo experiences an oddity: he can no longer communicate with his wife, who is a...

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