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The latest incredible method of car thieves: they can rob you without a key by receiving a signal from the front of your house!

Over the past 15 to 20 years, cars have been continuously integrated with technology. As a result, a connection is made to the satellite, Transferring information through our phones create, access our contacts and keyless operation We see cars everywhere. But while we applaud all these innovations, there is one very important point that we are overlooking; hackers.

Although manufacturers seem to offer us the conveniences we mention, technical knowledge of hackers more than ours and those of the manufacturers. Of course, if all cars were connected to the networks that these people could gain access to by finding loopholes, there would be a fine. The mysterious thing we’ve seen lately vehicle theft This is exactly the method.

Let’s see what happens first. What exactly are these people doing, checking the car doors and going back and forth in front of the house?

First of all, we see that the thieves arrive in front of the house in another vehicle. While one of the two people takes care of the vehicle, the other pretends to perform a ritual. waiting at the door of the house. Then we see that the vehicle is unlocked. After a while, the vehicle Even if there is no key It works and the thieves take the car and run away.

Before explaining the method, you should know:

Car key

When we want to unlock keyless vehicles, our car sends out a signal that only the car key can respond to. The switch then also responds to this signal locks open. But it doesn’t end there. Because in order to start the car, the key must be in it. To understand this when you want to start the car Once again there is signal transmission.

So at the first stage our car is pressed against the key.Hey, is that you?If he asks, our key is “Yes‘ he says and the door opens. the car when we want to run generally “Are you here?‘ and our key says ‘CertainlyWe will be ready to go, as he said.

What are thieves doing?

In the first phase of the video, the thief is standing next to the vehicle with door handle As he struggles, the other cautiously approaches the front of the house. What the thief wants to do here is pull the door handles and make the vehicle search for the key. So our car senses an action and uses it to unlock the locks. calling for the key And that is exactly what the thief wants to activate.

When this signal is activated, the thief’s device next to the vehicle sends this signal to the other thief’s device. This thief, who appears to be performing a ritual, is in the house. try to make contact with the key. Usually the range of these devices is around 10 meters. When this signal is sent to the switch, our switch sends back the correct signal.

In other words, what the vehicle actually sends to the key is “are you?” the question is, through two thieves is passed on to the switch. The key is “Of course it’s meWhen you record, this signal is sent from the thief’s device in front of the house to the device next to the car. When the car receives this response, the doors open.

Sometimes this is not enough.

Because although thieves can get into the car, they cannot get into the car because the key is not in it. the car may not start. For this reason, when the first thief enters the vehicle, the thief runs away from the house and returns. This way the connection is reset.

If this process is repeated while the thief is in the car, the car and key are indeed stolen. he thinks he’s in and the thieves get away easily. Of course, it is also possible that there is no need to reset the connection if the Start/Stop button is pressed while continuing without interrupting the signal.

Now the real question is: every time car manufacturersWe offer so much security, we prevent thisHe will continue to use phrases like “” in marketing. But does someone have to become a victim to close such gaps? Because despite all that software safest methodIt seems the intention was to take one of the tires home after parking the car. Ironically, this has nothing to do with software.

If you want to take precautions yourself, you can of course keep your keys in metal boxes that prevent signal transmission. This way the second thief communication with the key is blocked.

Source: Web Tekno



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