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Etna remains a match with it: what will happen if the “super volcano Vesuvius” that will even affect Turkey explodes?

This super active volcano, which has existed for thousands of years in the east of Naples, Italy, is 1281 meters high. The only volcanic mountain on the European mainland that was active in the last century known as.

After almost 500 years of inactivity show signs of awakening Let’s take a look at the veils of mystery behind Vesuvius.

First of all, let’s talk about what distinguishes supervolcanoes from classic volcanoes.


Supervolcanoes are the largest known volcanoes and because of the size of their magma treasures, they replace a volcanic cone after eruptions. It forms huge calderas (dents).

These volcanic mountains are below the regions where they are located. with huge magma treasures reveals itself. These magmas are also enriched with gas and reach the critical point and their upper layers are pierced in several places far from each other.

Usually this perforation consists of annular cracks in the magma hoard due to uplift, and the hard soil thus formed is buried in the emptied magma hoard, creating dents.

Vesuvius volcano

Meanwhile, hundreds or even thousands of cubic meters of lava, It ejects from the magma hoard to a height of 50 km and scatters to a distance of 100 km. This is how volcanic dust affects the whole world.

Also, these supervolcanoes are very extensive volcanic activities and can self-detonate when the amount of magma discharged from the center of a volcano is excessive. Large amounts of Crater, a landscape brimming with sulfuric acid, hydrothermal activity and geysers to leaf through.

Vesuvius in Naples is one of these supervolcanoes and has caused numerous eruptions in the past, as well as the destruction of the city of Pompeii.

Vesuvius view from Pompeii

This massive explosion, which began a day after the Vulcan Festival, reportedly lasted about 24 hours and surrounded the surrounding area. extreme spewed large amounts of lava, volcanic gas and volcanic ash. The people living in Pompeii did not know at the time that Vesuvius was a volcano that had not erupted for 1,800 years, and the small earthquakes that heralded the eruptions were not taken into account.

Winds blow from the northwest with the eruption of Vesuvius, he blew all his ashes to Pompeii and that area was so damaged that your map was erased, so to speak..

Let’s also add that this volcano is known to erupt a total of 200 times. This volcanic mountain, which last erupted in 1906, 1929 and 1944, has not been the scene of disasters since.

But Vesuvius has been showing signs of reawakening lately.

Italy Naples

The city of Naples, like Pompeii, unfortunately lies at the bottom of this giant volcano and scientists believe that Vesuvius, an extinct supervolcano, It’s the first time in 500 years it’s approaching a critical pressure point where it could experience a major explosion. there stands that.

Researchers have discovered this volcano a dangerous situation As he says he is starting to take in, he worries that the rising magma may also cause the release of liquids and gases at a force 10 times higher than normal.

If feared, an explosion will occur that is very dangerous for the approximately 3 million people living in the region.

Vesuvius volcano

In 2012, Italian authorities said that this volcano could form. change the danger level from green to yellow and the area was actively monitored.

In addition, there are a total of 20 supervolcanoes on Earth, and each lasts an average of 100,000 years. It is the scene of a gigantic explosion. The result of these explosions is undoubtedly very serious for all living things in the surrounding countries.

Türkiye Vesuvius map

It is also possible that the ash scattered as a result of these explosions blocks the sunlight and causes a long winter. NASA researchers think this is the most logical way to solve this problem. cooling super volcanoes means it is.

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