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Traces of a city submerged by the ocean found for the first time in centuries

Our Earth, on which we have lived for tens of thousands of years, still harbors the traces of civilizations that existed in the past. Because these traces are discovered every day, finally archaeologists of a city swallowed by the ocean hundreds of years ago They found their tracks.

In the Wadden Sea, in the southeast of the North Sea, it was flooded by storms in 1362. Traces of the city of Rungholt found for the first time. The first trace found in the city, which was once a trading center, was a church.

How were the remains of the historic city discovered?


  • Map location of Südfall Island and surrounding area where ruins have been found.

The discovery of traces of the city took place around the German island of Südfall. Archaeologists from Christian-Albrecht University, in their geophysical study around the island to the hills Ran into.

One of the discovered mounds A church with a width of 40 meters and a height of 15 meters. belonged to. Excavations were made in the region and more traces of the city were found. According to the statement of the scientists, the area of ​​​​the area under investigation reached 10 square kilometers.


After the studies that began with the discovery of the church, the buildings belonging to the city 54 different mounds, systematically constructed drainage systems, tidal cover and two chapels more mapped.

Unfortunately, many of these structures are It has not kept its original shape. Although the scientists stated that the remains were heavily eroded, they said they had little time to examine the remains.

There were also legends about the city:

The city, traces of which have not been found to this day, has also been the subject of some legends that have survived to this day. “Atlantis of the North SeaIt was said that the city, also known as ”, was flooded because of the sins of the settlers.

According to local legend, Rungholt’s church bells could also be heard underwater on quiet nights.

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