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Not to say animals: squids turned out to be at least as intelligent as children

of animals they are sentient beings A fact known to everyone. However, many people think that the comprehension and perception abilities of animals lag far behind that of humans. Science consistently claims the opposite.

In contrast, behavioral science researchers at Cambridge University have shown that squids have actually been in a study since 2020. they are much smarter than expected revealed. Moreover, this experiment is inspired by an experiment with children in 1970.

“Marshmallow” experiment was prepared for squid

In this experiment, in which ecologists, behavioral scientists and animal behavior scientists from Cambridge University took part, 6 squid were killed by the world famous squid. marshmallow experiment A similar experiment was set up. The Marshmallow Experiment is a cognitive ability test designed to measure whether preschoolers feel they are being rewarded for their patience. Basically, in the experiment, children are given one Marshmallow and if the children are asked to eat the Marshmallows. if they wait 15 minutes It is said that they can eat a second Marshmallow.

In this experiment, a similar system is being prepared for squid. Of course, you can’t communicate with a squid in a healthy way and tell it that it will be rewarded if it waits, but you can do this. you can make him understand with certain stimulants. Placed in a tank with three transparent doors, squids were tested with their two favorite foods. In addition, these squids are specially trained to recognize 3 different shapes. for squid round shapemeans a door that opens immediately, triangular shape means a door that opens in 10 to 130 seconds and square It was a door that would never open.

Shrimps, the favorite food of cuttlefish, were placed behind the door that had to be opened immediately, while their less favorite prawns were placed behind the door where they had to wait. When his subjects approached one door, the food at the other door, that is, the squid, was withdrawn. he simply made his choice by swimming to the door.

When the experiment started, some of the 6 squids went straight to their favorite food, while others began to consider other options. Squids that wait long enough are more likely to eat the king prawn they don’t like. that they were rewarded with lots of shrimp they noted. Because the squid learned which door to wait at, even if the symbols on the door changed later. instead of swimming quickly for the shrimp, he started waiting for the grand prize..

So what does this experiment tell us?

Cuttlefish, which are generally not very social and do not like to hunt their prey, Because they have no defense mechanism to protect themselves spend most of their lives in marine camouflage. These creatures strive to reach food by the shortest route they can find, and are actually so intelligent that they know they’ll reap a greater reward in any given situation. They choose to wait, even at the risk of their own lives..

This experiment, which provides very similar results to the Marshmallow experiment, especially in children, shows that squids are just like humans. It shows us that they have the ability to understand right and wrong, right and wrong..

The study, which was first conducted in 2020 and with results published in 2021, was recast late last year and confirmed by getting exactly the same results. If you want to view the research link found here you can use.

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