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What causes a runny nose that starts suddenly while eating something bitter?

Sometimes when we are sick and sometimes because of allergies. with a runny nose We tried and we finished the pack of wipes. There is another reason for the runny nose that makes people tired of life. And that is the bitter food we eat, as we wrote above.

A runny nose that starts when you bite off a piece of your food or take a sip is no fun, but it’s no fun either. it is very common. There is even a scientific explanation for this situation.

Our nose is not just for breathing or smelling.


Nerves in our nose to produce mucus to keep it moist and to control the airflow helper is happening. These nerves, called the “trigeminal nerve,” are stimulated by certain foods such as hot pepper and garlic, and this causes a runny nose.

This is exactly how this process unfolds:


The inside of our nose, Mucous membrane It is covered by a layer of cells called As we mentioned above, there are many nerve cells here. In addition, a slimy substance known as mucus is secreted into the mucous membrane.

This substance moistens both the air that goes to the lungs with the breath we take and expelling foreign matter offers. We can call it a kind of protector or regulator.

“So what does that have to do with pain?” If you say so, let’s explain it this way.

hot pepper

With bitter dishes capsaicin There is an item called This substance excites our nerve cells in the nose. The cells also stimulate the mucous membrane to produce mucus. In this way, capsaicin is expelled along with mucus. In other words, a runny nose develops and foreign material is thrown out.

Scientific food-induced (taste) rhinitis This condition, called this condition, is usually seen in people over the age of 50. This runny nose, which is quite annoying, will stop on its own after you finish eating. However, if it persists after eating, you may be allergic to the food you ate or something else. It is a good idea to see a specialist.

Bonus: This sister, who tasted Turkey’s hottest pepper, is the best example.

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