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Scientists Claim Earth’s Core Changed Direction in 2009: So What Does This Mean?

As we know from geography course, our earth’s core is made of an iron-nickel alloy and rotates at very high speeds in a crystalline form due to high pressure. It is also a known fact that our planet rotates counterclockwise.

However, Chinese geophysicists at Peking University have made a claim that will spark controversy in the scientific world. The core of the Earth is said to have existed for the past few years. stopped spinning and is now spinning in the opposite direction.

The claim arose after 60 years of research.

Two geophysicists, who make the claim and work at Peking University, said that 60 years of seismic data from our planet were examined and, according to the data obtained, the core of our Earth In 2009, it completed its counterclockwise rotation and began to rotate in the opposite direction. threw it out. It should be noted at this point that the rotation of the Earth and the rotation of the Earth’s core are not the same. Because it means that the earth rotates in the opposite direction It means that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east..

While many geophysicists, who currently have little knowledge of the Earth’s core, indicate that this is possible, the researchers who made the claim actually do not. claims to be a “standard” event that takes place every 70 years.

E If the Earth’s core flips over, will it mean the end of the world?

In fact, the answer to this question for now is no. Because, according to the seismic measurements and evidence presented by the study, it is a natural event that changes the direction of the Earth’s core every 70 years. Researchers claim that this situation last occurred in the 1970s, when the Earth’s core began to rotate counterclockwise again. It says it will start in the 2040s..

Although this situation leads to events such as sudden climate changes, earthquakes and tsunamis on Earth, no devastating disasters on a global scale are currently foreseen. In addition, although this research is based on 60 years of seismic measurements, it should be noted that this is still a claim and not certain. So in the near future a new study may be published to refute this research.

Noted seismologist John Vidale of the University of Southern California said of this research:This research is a carefully conducted study involving many great scientists and exploring a wealth of data. Currently, however We don’t have a model with which to compare this data.He argues that this modeling is very different from the models that have appeared before.

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