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Luxury automaker Rolls-Royce is going to build a nuclear reactor on the moon! The cost of the project was also announced

Although most of us know it with its luxury vehicles, British giant Rolls-Royce doesn’t just produce those expensive cars. At the same time defense, aviation And energy also working in the industry. There is even a division within the company that deals with nuclear energy technologies, and this division has been active since the 1950s.

On the other hand, nuclear energy does not only solve humanity’s problems on Earth. Nuclear energy can also be used on our moon, which has barren land and a highly irradiated surface and does not even have a protective atmosphere. So how? Here is the answer to this question, operating under the British state. British space agency It’s hidden in the deal between Rolls-Royce.

The details of the agreement to build a nuclear reactor on the moon are as follows:

nuclear reactor on the moon

Nuclear power may be more efficient than conventional energy sources used during lunar exploration. Residential areas to be established on the lunar surface and to provide more energy to vehicles that will surface, to ensure that all energy-using vehicles run longer and to save money by carrying less fuel are among the objectives of the project.

Specially designed nuclear reactors to be developed by Rolls-Royce will be built on the lunar surface, underground and Spacecraft to travel between Earth and Moon can give energy. The space agency has already earmarked a budget of 2.9 billion pounds for the project, which is about 67.2 billion Turkish lira at the current exchange rate.

The British Space Agency naturally wants to increase the global competitiveness of the UK in the space sector with this study. Because under England’s plans, to establish a base on the lunar surface and Producing fuel using hydrogen sources on the moon is located. Rolls-Royce and the space agency had previously met to develop nuclear energy technology. This agreement is a continuation of those efforts.

What does Rolls-Royce do besides luxury vehicles?

One of the small nuclear reactors Rolls-Royce wants to build on Earth, animation @BBC

Rolls-Royce has a long history of developing nuclear power technologies in the aerospace industry. The company began developing its first nuclear reactors in the 1950s and later developed nuclear power. use for civil and military purposes He participated in a number of different projects before

To accelerate its activities in the space sector, Rolls-Royce signed a series of partnerships in 2018, most notably the British Space Agency. A project has been launched to develop nuclear power systems for long-duration missions in space. In the same year, the company developed nuclear weapons for use in spacecraft. a battery-operated satellite engine signed another agreement with the European Space Agency on the development. Also Rolls Royce; continues to work on the further development of nuclear energy technologies for use on land and at sea.

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