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If you don’t believe in evolution, all your preconceptions will be broken when you find out what this giant hand belongs to!

Darwin says, “What could be more interesting than that a human hand made for grasping, a mole’s hand made for digging, a horse’s foot, a dolphin’s short fin and a bat’s wing are built on the same base?” and continues: “These various animals, to finger-like limbs They share this pattern because they evolved from a common ancestor with a common ancestor.”

When animals that evolved on land returned to the seas, their terrestrial ancestors such as arms and legs It is possible that they bear some traces of them. This creature has both arms and legs!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, let us tell you…

whale hand

The ghostly photo above is in the Danish Museum of Natural History Curator of herpetology and vertebrate zoology Assistant Professor Dr. It made quite a splash when it was shared on Twitter by Mark D. Scherz.

Yes, huge fingers belong to a whale!

whale evolution

This image, created after the dissection procedure, is of a whale! They have 5 fingers, just like humans. These are whales suppose it evolved from 5-toed ancestors supports.

Their fins are actually legs.

whale evolution

In fact, if you look at the tail fins of mammals, whales, and compare them to fish. a leg that has not yet fully evolved into a fin You will see that it is.

Whales evolved from four-legged terrestrial ancestors until they reached their current form. 50 million years of evolution Looking at the fossils, the oldest among them is a fish-eating carnivore named Pakicetus.

In our content below, we explained how this is possible through the evolution of whales:

The Elpistostege fossil sheds light on evolution.

whale ancestor

Elpistostege, a 375 million year old fish. A complete skeleton has been excavated. and its fins turned out to have bones that looked like our fingers.

So your fingers vertebrates evolved before they left the water we have learned. This discovery also shed new light on the evolution of quadrupeds.

We see the same situation in other animals.


Note that seals and elephant seals also have fins. functions as a leg on land. In other words, pinnipeds have 5 fingers on their feet, just like whales!

All these, brought together by a series of coincidences no precedents; Scientific examples that show that evolution really exists!

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Source: Web Tekno



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