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The European car industry fed the demonic “greens” a fairy tale about environmentally friendly “electronic fuel”

Now eco-activists who have risen to power in most Western countries are turning the arms of the global auto industry...

From Europe – a bullet: instead of the US, Volkswagen is evacuated to China

Politics is politics and business has its own shirt closer to the body. A typical example of a choice...

Dongfeng rolled out 11 new products and introduced new sub-brands

At the Shanghai International Auto Show, Dongfeng announced the launch of new brands, and also introduced 11 new models. ...

Turned on the back: the EU slowed down with a ban on cars with internal combustion engines

The decision to effectively ban combustion engine cars in Europe by 2035, which seemed inevitable last week, suddenly "hung in...

The Supreme Court allowed drivers to drink in a parked car

The highest court upheld the motorist's complaint about the wrongful deprivation of "rights" and a fine of 30,000 rubles. ...

In Russia, for some reason, they developed an advanced catalytic converter, not for all cars

Scientists from Southern Federal University (SFU) reported on the creation of a technology for the production of catalysts for hydrogen-powered...

Why automakers are delaying the “hydrogen bomb explosion”

The topic of hydrogen cars in our country is not completely dead - it pops up from time to time....

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