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The government scrapped the proposal not to deprive “rights” for debts on fines

The authorities did not like the idea of ​​the Duma deputies to increase the limit established by law on the...

Putin’s 124 Laws: How President-Signed Amendments Will Change Car Owners’ Lives

The fantastic pace at which as many as 124 new Russian laws were passed in the spring and summer of...

Underwear instead of cars, general competitions with LADA Granta and the future of AvtoVAZ: results of the week

Why is AvtoVAZ still unable to please the Russians with at least one major breakthrough, GAZ is diving into intimate...

Stay in the same swimsuit: how tow trucks brutally “bred” visiting motorists in Sochi

There are tow trucks in many cities, including resorts. In Sochi, however, sometimes complete chaos reigns. In the...

Traffic police began to loudly “strengthen” drivers by masking numbers from cameras

Since the beginning of the year, the traffic police have stopped 78,000 violations related to the rules for affixing number...

Hundreds of thousands of “lucky letters” sent to foreign drivers

According to the traffic police, hundreds of thousands of fines have been handed out to drivers from other countries in...

What happens if a car is parked near someone else’s lot in the country?

In the summer, many city dwellers move to their summer cottages and other country estates. Along with them, conflicts...

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