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By early 2021, the app google maps Automotive for Android Vehicles has launched planned charging stops for electric cars, an important feature that now seems to be coming to the mobile app.

In your update to version 11.65, google maps hides references to its ability between files. plan stops on electroliners so that the user does not no battery in the car during the trip.

Scheduled routes with stops at charging points

app right now Google Maps for mobile devices does not allow you to easily plan routes with stops at charging stations. The user is the one who needs to refuel every few kilometers and guess how long to add the stops manually, but that seems to change in the future.

The latest version of the mobile app hides text strings in one of its internal files indicating that Google wants to bring this Google Maps feature to Android Automotive. Google Maps for Android and possibly Android Auto too. The text strings are as follows:

By the time you get there, your battery will be low.

Charging needs to be stopped to reach the destination

The journey is too long to automatically add the charging stops. Add stops after starting.

without internet. Cannot charge, charging stops.

Not enough compatible charging stations to reach your destination

As we can see, Google Maps for mobile devices During a trip it will inform the user if the car needs to stop to charge and what the condition of the vehicle battery will be when you reach your destination, in case you need to recharge it before you arrive.

Google Maps Automotive

How the Google Maps mobile app can calculate the state of the car’s battery during the entire journey is a mystery at the moment. Currently, we can only tell Google Maps the vehicle’s engine type and charger type. Perhaps in order to calculate the estimated battery life, the user will need to enter the maximum capacity of his car or tell the model of the car he is driving, in addition to telling the current charge of the car.

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